Leap Frog

By: lcsutherland

Jul 25 2015

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Leap Frog 11×14 $170

Today, I was able to complete Leap Frog for my step-mother, who adores both frogs and faeries!


First, I had to create a frog…which was a new one for me!  I chose the bull frog for its sturdy shape, as many amphibians flaunt these spindly little legs that do not seem likely to leap gracefully AND support the weight of a faerie rider!


Our little Leap Frogger.  Indian dhotis are a new area of fascination for me, as far as endless folds of light fabric are concerned, so I used them for inspiration when designing her whimsical costume.  The shapely, patterned wings are a tribute to the cicada, the noisome Herald of Sweltering Summer Days in Maine.


Completed Contour Drawing!


Base Colors applied with Prismacolor markers.  In catering to the color preferences of my step-mother, I used the red-eyed tree frog as my inspiration.  I am not used to creating pieces that have a color pallet quite so vivid as this one is, so it took me a while to decided whether or not it had potential.  Thankfully, the kind words of some enthusiastic fans encouraged me to keep moving forward!


Human skin tones are another area that I continue to struggle with – especially when dealing with dark or tanned skin.  I am fairly pleased with this attempt.


Leap Frog Complete!  I love it when I can really slather on that white pencil for some intense shine!



Leap Frog will be bounding into its new home very soon!


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