The Guardians

By: lcsutherland

Aug 01 2015

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Focal Length:3.7mm
Shutter:1/30 sec

After months of avoidance, I have finally returned to The Guardians.


The one and only thing keeping me from finishing this piece was the skin tone that I chose to use on the River Guardian.  I had yet to develop a technique for human skin tones that I found acceptable, and the darker tones were especially challenging because the colors tended not to blend as smoothly, and the skin would show an unpleasant texture that did not match the rest of my signature style.  For years, I have avoided this issue by simply filing away the more ethnic sketches until I could find a way to resolve the problem.


Because The Guardians is such a complicated piece – and because it is of such importance to the development of Valewarde – I felt I only had once chance of rendering the skin tone of The River Guardian in a way that I would not regret.  So, I spent a few days developing base tones with the Prismacolor markers, and then I practiced adding highlights and shadows with my Prismacolor pencils, referring to a very useful collection of color swatches that I found online.


All said and done, this is the skin tone pallet that I put together after my toil…and – satisfied – I finally mustered the courage to attempt the completion of The Guardians. The very first section that I tackled was, of course, the River Guardian, herself.  I wished to know straight away if I would have to begin all over again…


It was the most frightening thing that I have ever done…


…but the outcome was well worth the venture.


The mane and feathering completed on the Di.




…and a splash of light from my Prismacolor metallic paint pens, and The Guardians is complete!  The end of a very long and perilous journey…




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