2016 7th Grade Student Poetry

By: lcsutherland

May 31 2016

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Category: Sundries

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Naples Yellow

by Sirius


Naples yellow: you are like…

fresh leather that has been sewn together and just been sold.

You are like…

a warm, comforting room that has been freshly made

on the beaches of California.

You are like…

the crack of dawn –

the sun coming over the hill tops,

and people seeing its


You, Naples Yellow, are like…

tea, fall days, and wheat:

all amazing in their own ways.

You feel soft, like sand on beaches

or beautiful, soft flowers.

You are warm and relaxing to be around.

You remind people of friendship

and fun times and relaxing thoughts.

Pink Heather

by Manoras


Pink heather, you are the sand at Prince Edward Island;

the reflection of trees in the water during fall when the colors vibrantly mix together;

a peaceful breeze blowing gracefully through grass overlooking the ocean.

Pink heather, you are the sweet smell of roses when they have fully bloomed;

crisp morning air in the spring time when everything is starting to turn green and luscious;

cherry blossoms dangling elegantly from the branches.

Pink heather, you are a starfish trudging through the pink sands at sunset heading toward the ocean;

flowers dancing gracefully as they being to catch a breeze;

river dolphins as they play about in the water and talk to one another.

Pink heather, you are rough as sand and rose quartz, yet you are soft like a shell that was just washed up on shore.

You show the softness and gentleness of a wave rolling onto shore.

Pink heather, you are the morning sunrise as you look out to sea over the pink sparkling dunes;

soothing like the sound of a bird singing or a trickling brook;

comforting like drawing or painting a picture.

Grey Heather

by Ocean Decor


Grey Heather is a beautiful color that you can find in many things.

Elephants are gray in the Savannah sun.

The Savannah is a beautiful and calm atmosphere where many animals live.

Gray is the color of the smoke in the Savannah after a forest fire.

While watching nature shows, you can see that.

If gray had a sound, it would be the rustling of new grass after a forest fire.

Gray is the color of elephants in the Savannah.

Gray is rough like leather.

If it were a smell, it would be like the sun in moist air.

The feeling of gray is slow and steady.

The feeling is calm and focused on what is ahead.

Gray is the color of natural beauty in the world.

Spanish Olive

by Nala


Spanish olive is like the beams of sun my cat basks in.

My cat is peaceful and relaxing.

Sunlight in the morning and evening are like the happiness of picking your first pet.

The first sunlight of the day is like the bell on my cat’s collar.

Spanish olive is like the smell of my cat when her fur it wet.

My cat’s fur is fuzzy and warm.

Sunlight, whenever and wherever it is, is like petting a big, fluffy cat.

Like Maine Coons, sunlight brings people joy.

This joy is like petting a small kitten.

Spanish olive is like the beams of sun my cat basks in.


by Aurora


Cranberry, you are a new tube of lipstick

and a shiny pair of high heel shoes.

You are a dense forest with thick bushes

on a moist, forest floor.

You are an old, abandoned barn

that’s falling apart and breaking but

holds beautiful memories.

You sound like a wispy wind that –

when it hits me –

it’s like a burst of freedom.

You smell like a romantic perfume

applied to my wrist before a date.

Cranberry, you are small, round, and perfect.

You are soft and flirty as you glide against my skin.

You represent love as two people


You are a beautiful reminder to love.

Cranberry, you are a name with

many feelings that give people happiness.


by Aurora


Swarthy, you are a swerving road.

You are dark in color.

You feel silky and soft, like waves.

Yo remind me of the color red.

You taste like cherry-covered ice cream.

Swarthy, you feel very smooth.

Yo sound like a soft breeze.

You are like waves hitting the sand.

You feel soft and gentle.

Swarthy, you are amazing and soft.


by Sirius


Wroth, you are a yell of anger

over a silence of dawn: echoes

off walls, full of wrath.

Your sound is full of wrath: anger

like red-hot flames of war.

You are blood red, like freshly spilled

blood on a clean blade.

Yo sound like the drums, the gunfire

of modern warfare: the awful war cry

of relentless hordes charging

into battle.

You charge into battle relentless,

merciless, and unforgiving.

Your taste is like an atomic

missile hitting a target.


by Nala


Quaff is like a bark from an angry dog;

the sound of thunder in a storm,

drums in the background.

Quaff is like eating spicy pepperoni;

a dark, tough piece of steak;

a fulfilling drink.

Quaff is like a bid bird eating a worm;

a shadow, fulfilling fern that grows in the dark.

Quaff is like drinking something heartily;

grimy beef that was left out for the dogs.


by Ocean Decor


A prowess is like a female lion prowling her den;

A proud soldier that is valued by his commander;

A skilled solider in battle, like no other.

It is proud and must hold its power…

A fight like drums echoing in a cave.

Prowess is like navy blue in fresh hair.

If you’re tough, it is hard and firm.

It is like a skilled warrior fighting in an enormous battle.

Promise of victory is always on its lips.

A prowess is always strong and confident.


by Manoras


Verdant is the sound of a butterfly’s wings as it flies through a forest;

the sound of a humming bird gliding from flower to flower;

the clashing of swords in a field full of lush and alive plants;

the sound of fighting and victorious shouts.

Verdant is an enchanting feeling, and it leaves a magical impression.

Verdant feels wispy, like wind blowing through grass;

light and airy, as if a cape was blowing heroically in a breeze:

it feels smooth, but firm, like a vine hanging from a tree.

Verdant is action and archery, blade between blade; a heroic charge through a valley:

light green and aqua, a tree growing out of the ground, turning into a majestic elder tree;

a field full of blooming and luscious green plants as the sun is setting and the field glows.


by Sirius




Kill them all

Slaughter people

We must destroy all

Minotaurs attack, now!

Now…release the skeletons!

Dragons to me, full-scale attack!

Warlords: command your armies and charge!

We will come out victories, my armies!

Someone Special

by Aurora



mom loves

and cares for

my family.

She is my comfort

and does a lot of work

to keep this house clean and neat.

I love it when she bakes cookies.

I love my mom, and I know she loves me.


by Nala



sleep when

I am tired.

I love to sleep

because sleeping is

like being awake, yet

it’s like wandering in an

open field with no end, but I

sleep for comfort and for the needs of

my body, and because I like to sleep.

Etheree 1




like to

play Xbox.

Playstation 4

is superior

but the one is still great.

It plays movies and plays games.

I used to like Call of Duty,

but now I do not have fun with them.

I do not like to play Call of Duty.

The Game of Basketball

by Ocean Decor


Basketball is a fun sport that I love.

Playing basketball is fun, and it

is good for you. It gets you moving.

It is great. Exercising

outside or inside while

doing something you

like to do, like

playing a

fun game



or at

school. You can

play basketball

mainly anywhere,

if you have a ball and

a basketball hoop and a

good, hard surface to play on. It

is normally played with five people,

but you can have as many as you want.