The Realm of Faerie

artwork and poetry by LCSutherland

“Vivianne” 8×10 $60

~ Pegasus ~

White, white: faster than Light.

Eyes, eyes: gentle and Wise.

Feet,  feet: pointed and Neat.

Nose, nose: soft as a Rose.

Mane, mane: pure, without Stain.

Svelte, svelte: shimmering Pelt.

Ears, ears: swiveling  to Hear.

Cries, cries—my song to the Skies.”

Fly! Fly! I want to  soar High!

Wings, wings—these do I Lack!”

(Maybe, one day, I’ll ride  on thy back)

© 11/24/10


“Laidley” 8×10 $50

 ~ The Unicorn ~

Peering through a misted morn’…

did spy the colt with spiraled horn..

Speckled like the Guinea hen…

and feisty as the jaded wren…

Fleet across the forest floor…

he flies into the heathered moor…

There to find the virgin’s lap..

.upon to rest his head, mayhap…

Dreamy-eyed ’til end of day…

then comes the hour to hide away…

From men and their unworthy eyes…

to flit beneath the moonlit  Skies.

© 11/29/10


“The Faerie Queen” NA

an bronntanas an ghrá

 – the gift of love –

A Noble Heart – yet Battle Worn –

Was such that Cherished stalwart Storm,

The Sister of the Raging Sea: 

Yet loved her, Held her hand, did He.

When Hellish War would Claim her Breath,

He left the Demon host Bereft;

With eyes the Hue of Frosted Night,

He held her Spellbound – Yielded Life,

And – now – to Sacred Vow they Cleave:

“In You, alone, I Find Reprieve –

My Dulcet Cure, My Heart’s Desire,

My Treasured Spring, My Living Fire.”

Come, Father Star, to Warm this Grove

Of Cherried Blossoms Pale and Mauve,

Where Hands shall Fast and be thus blessed:

By North and South and East and West;

And may it ever come to pass

That Treasured Gift – an bronntannas 

Shall never fail to Laud the Day

When Hero loved Intrepid Fey.


Neola - Concept Sketch

“Neola” 8×10 IN PROGRESS


.•°Swathes of Moonbeam, Threads of Pearl…Whisps of Winsome Wings Unfurl°•.

.•°Webs of Starshade, Folds of Glass…Sheath of Silken Sheen Morass°•.

.•°Tresses, Midnight, Spectral Flesh…Blithe and Briny Berth Enmesh°•.

.•°Temptress, Siren, Faerie’s Child…Darling Dreamer –  Dulcet, Mild°•.

.•°Sealine Grace and Icy Stare…Noisome Noxious Knave, Beware°•.



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